Honest Marketing
For Holistic People

Grow Your Business
- Without Selling Your Soul

You don’t have to choose between being successful and being honest.

Marketing can feel good.
Warm, respectful, and inspiring.
Without pressure, manipulation, and sleazy sales pitches.

Marketing is not about empty promises.
It’s about honest communication.
About sharing your message clearly and authentically.
So it resonates with those who are really a fit for you.

Learn marketing that’s fun – and works.

All Your Marketing Needs

clear message and positioning

I help you find a message and positioning that really expresses who you are.

An effective strategy that fits

Ads, social media, funnels, blogs… let’s find out what really makes sense for you and develop a strategy you enjoy.

Reach more people. Automated.

You want to reach more people without investing endless time? I’ll help you automate this process so  you can concentrate on your work.

Full Service, unless you want to do it yourself

For You

If you want me to do it for you.

Full Service marketing

I create all copy, place your ads and take care of technical setup. You concentrate on your offer.

Compelling Marketing Copy

I craft your marketing message, website copy, landing pages, and ads.

Social Media & Newsletter

No time for social media? As your ghostwriter, I regularly write posts, newsletters, or blogs to grow and nourish your audience.

With You

If you want to learn how to do it.


Do you want to understand marketing? I’ll teach you all you need to know through personal training, tailored to your needs. So simple, a child could understand it. So clear, you can implement it immediately.


You want to learn how to write more effectively, so your newsletters, posts, and landing pages finally bring the result you desire? I’ll show you the tricks to take your writing to the next level.

Social Media Training

You need social media but don’t know how to go about it? I’ll show you how to increase your reach without getting a headache – and how to start some real conversations in the process.

Hear what happy Clients Say:

"Excellent copywriter! Seminars are fully booked."

“David is an excellent copywriter with a lot of feeling and understanding of the market and at the same time the importance of authenticity. His landing pages and social media posts have helped us to fully book our seminars with very effective strategies.”
Dara Shah
Modern Mystic Arts

"Finally someone on our wavelength!"

“Combining deep transformational work with marketing has been a huge challenge for us. After some failed attempts with mainstream agencies, we finally found someone in David who is on our wavelength. Through his willingness to delve into the inner process, he was able to help us a lot. Always a pleasure and highly recommended!
Stefan Becker
Founder of
SonarBody Transform Systems

"Highly recommended!"

"David is an outstanding copywriter. We have worked with him on several projects and his work has always been excellent. He has a remarkable ability to really dive into the heart of each project. I have always been inspired by his passion, dedication and perceptive and intelligent way of writing. Highly recommended."
Shai Tubali
Spiritual Teacher

"Fullly booked from day 1!"

"David took care of all the marketing for the new opening of my practice: everything from website design and copy to the logo, business cards, and advertisements. We were able to completely book all free appointments and have remained fully booked ever since, without ever having to actively seek new clients."
Philip Crepaz
Holistic Psychology

"Special talent!"

"David, you have completely grasped the core and essence of my work and conveyed it to the outside world perfectly! Your clear and sensitive way of working made me feel seen and professionally supported all the way! I can wholeheartedly recommend your work! You have a very special talent for what you do!
Thank you David... you are exactly the interface I needed to transport my inside out into the world."
Patrizia Kuhn
Animal Communication

For a Better world

I am here to help the helpers. I only work with people who want to make this world a little bit better. My clients include:


Spiritual Teachers


Healing Practitioners

If holistic thinking, environmental awareness, spirituality, and ethics are important to you, we might be a good match.

Marketing, but easy

You have something the world really needs – but you don’t know how to talk about it?
You love your work but don’t want to sell yourself?

The idea of marketing feels weird to you?
Or terribly complicated?

I’ll show you marketing that…

… is so simple that every child would understand it
… works without the slimy sales tactics you hate
… is fun because it simply expresses who you are
… also feels good for your clients
… still delivers the results that you want


No matter what you do: You need copy.
Very good copy.

Copy that expresses the essence.
That explains, inspires and touches.

That describes
who you are, what you offer
how it works, why it’s great
… and who exactly you are doing it for.

I can teach you how to do this.
Or write it all for you.

I can write your:

Webseite Copy
Landing/Sales Pages
Social Media Posts

What I do


Your complete marketing strategy. From branding and positioning to offers and finished product funnels.

Social Media


Your authentic voice. Copy that expresses who you are. And the exciting things you offer.

Website Copy
Landing Pages
Social Media


Learn to market yourself and feel good about it. Everything you need to know, compressed, systemized & easy to understand.

Copywriting Training

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